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UI/UX Designing

What is User interface and user experience?

To understand these terms, think of any web or mobile application that you often use. You’d most likely notice two elements:

  1. User interface (UI): what you touch, click, or speak to e.g. an app icon, the search bar etc.
  2. User experience (UX): the name says it all that means how was your interaction with your device, was it easy for you to find out what you were looking for, how much time did it take for you to understand certain processes.

But none of the designers across the world agree on where the lines of UI ends and land of UX starts.

What is user interface design?

By tradition, user interface has been about the look and the vibe of the product which includes colors, shapes etc. Good UI design will focus on:

  • Presenting the information clearly and effectively, making it easy to understand
  • Making the user feel relieved about their purchase. They’d use colors that are relaxing and affirmative.
  • Making the work experience easy and attractive. 

What do UI designer do?

UI designers create strategies to bring the look and feel of the product. When they have made a work strategy, they also execute it to get the results.

Brief description of user experience UX:

User experience design is the complete experience of a user with a company from placing and order for a product to receiving the product and paying the bills. UX design is simply the process of tailoring the experience of the user with your company in a manner which is appealing to them and profitable to you.

Here we have an example of what a good UX design in an e-commerce check-out page will focus on:

  • The design keeps the user un-distracted by not having any other buttons or links than the payment call-to-action.
  • Presenting offers and bundles to convince people to make a purchase
  • Communicate clearly with the customer about the deal e.g. if the payment was successful, how much time it would for product to be delivered or how can they return it etc.

What do UX designer do?

They work one step ahead of UI designers. They deal with user’s problems by creating ideas and strategies to solve those problems and making user experience better and easier.

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