SEO in 2022 | The Definitive Guide | Top SEO Trends in 2022

SEO in 2022 | The Definitive Guide | Top SEO Trends in 2022

This is the ultimate guide for Search Engine Optimization you need in 2022, also here we are going to teach you the most important SEO trends this year.

The prime focus for many digital marketers for this year remains to improve page visibility in SERPs and increase organic traffic but you must know, what worked for your website’s top ranking in SERPs in the past might not be enough helpful in 2022.

To make it easy for you to learn what SEO is and how does it work efficiently for your website to appear on the top in SERPs, let’s start with the basics.

What do you do when you need to learn about something new? What do you do when you want to know the answer to a certain question? Or when you want to learn more about the latest marketing trends?

Well, you simply turn to Google as we all believe Google knows it. This fact makes it necessary for a business to have an online presence at least to some extent where it gains more organic traffic.

This is what search engine optimization is, to be easily found by your target audience on the internet. SEO means to make your site or content user-friendly, so to be preferred by search engines. As a result, your business website receives more visitors, increasing the chances for more conversions and ultimate success.

Let’s jump into the updated SEO guide to review your SEO priorities for the current year 2022.

Table of Content:

  1. Core web vitals
  2. Technical setup
  3. Create quality content
  4. Improve CTR
  5. User experience
  6. Google E-A-T
  7. Visual search optimization
  8. Google ranking tools

Core Web Vitals

Google has recently made core web vitals a ranking factor. These are the three user experience metrics that Google considers highly important.

Largest contentful paint (LCP): Page loading

First input delay (FID): User interactivity

Cumulative layout shift (CLS): Visual stability

core web vitals update

According to Google, pages that perform well on these metrics (core web vitals) will be granted high-ranking advantages.

To improve your core web vitals scores you need to change and control a few things. You may use PageSpeed insights or Google search console to check the vitals of a particular page or your own website. Google will analyze your vitals optimization score and will also provide some recommendations on specific things that need to be improved on your website.

  1. Largest contentful paint must be under 2.5s; to provide a good user experience, the largest visible components on your site must load under 2.5s or less. This includes faster server response, less render-blocking, and last but not least, improved client-side rendering.
  2. First input delay measures the time period in which a user first interacts with your web –page by clicking a link or by tapping a button to the time it takes for the browser to be responsive to that interaction. FID must be kept under 100ms, the page needs to be responsive within 100ms.
  3. Cumulative layout shift measures the visible stability of a website. An unstable website’s page content shifts as a visitor view it. This gives a poor user experience which must be improved. To optimize for CLS you have to include size attributes for your images and videos and ensure that your content starts to load from the top to the bottom of the page.

 Technical setup:

The technical SEO refers to website optimization that makes it easy for search engines spiders to crawl and index your site more effectively. Technical assessment is actually the most important step in search optimization. Consider you have the finest content and most backlinks but what’s the use of all of it if search engines can’t access your site. So before anything else, start with running a website audit and check if there are technical problems that need to be fixed.

Here are a few steps and guidelines you can follow to ensure your technical SEO meets the expectations of the search engines algorithm.

  1. Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL):

Secure Sockets Layer is a standard technology that creates an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. A website using SSL is easy to find as the URL starts with ‘HTTPS://’ rather than ‘HTTP://’.  SSL ensures that the data and information being shared on the internet is secured.

  1. Content available to search engines:

Search engines should not be restricted from indexing your website. Your website must be equipped with an XML sitemap which is a file that helps search engines to understand the kind of content your website contains whilst crawling and indexing.

  1. Create a shallow website structure:

You should build your website structure in a way where all your pages are only two-three clicks away from the home page. Such structure makes it convenient for users and also for search engines to navigate through the site.

  1. Mobile optimization:

Google has already started mobile-first indexing as most people use their mobile phones for internet-related activities rather than their laptops. You must optimize your website to be easily useable on the mobile screen. Mobile optimization includes several things that you need to learn.

Create quality website content

Content is the most important factor that decides whether your SEO strategy will be successful or not. Google has made clear that it prioritizes high-quality content in the ranking algorithm. Quality content could have multiple meanings but when we talk about SEO it means the content of appropriate structure, length, and keyword saturation.

Here’s how the quality of a page’s content can be determined.

  • The content must contain certain valuable information that is required by the users. It must provide answers and solutions to their queries.
  • User intent; in order to match user intent and for them to find out what you have written, you need to add keywords naturally and effectively. Unlike older days, keywords stuffing doesn’t work instead it backfires. You should write directly for your readers and try adding synonyms and related keywords rather than stuffing a single keyword.
  • Comprehensive and fresh content; as we all know long and well-written content ranks higher in SERPs but short-form content which written is to the point and has the appropriate amount of required information is more likely to rank high. Updating websites from time to time to meet the current requirements of search engines should be prioritized.
  • Break content into sections by using headings and subheadings to give your content a meaningful outline.

Improve click-through-rate (CTR)

One of the most important concepts in search engine rankings, CTR is simply defined as the number of people who clicked on your ad while your site appeared in their search result bar. In SEO your click-through rate is most likely to determine whether you maintain your ranking or not.

Certain things that can be done to improve CTR includes adding keywords to URLs. Studies have shown that keywords rich URLs have 45% more clicks rates.

You may use emotional and audience-engaging titles that are more likely to catch the attention of the people. But don’t go overbroad with your emotions. Make it user-friendly and also search engines friendly.

Write 100% original Meta description tags for your website. These Meta descriptions should be powerful enough to compel people to click on your page in SERPs. This simple step can increase your CTR by a few percentages.

User experience

The User experience is a critical search engine ranking factor. SEO is all about user experience, search engines including Google highly favor websites that are providing a great user experience and this is no hidden factor. There are things you may focus on to provide a much better user experience.

  • Page speed is considered to be really important by search engines. Your web page must load really fast. To optimize your page speed you need to look at three important metrics, the core web vitals which we have already discussed in the blog.
  • Site architecture includes how your website is structured or how your content is organized and how pages link to one another. You should make your site structure easy and understandable for the users to find the required information with ease and this will help web crawlers find more pages.

Google E-A-T

Google evaluates your website based on ExpertiseAuthoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Also known as E-A-T has been a part of search guidelines for years but now it has become a much more important ranking factor than it was back in the day. Google has stated in their recent ‘how search works’ report that they are more likely to rank reliable sources. Within the report, they have mentioned that medical content must be written by a doctor or medical professional. Which means that expert work is preferred.

You need to prove your site trustworthy by making it transparent about content creation and ownership. Google pays attention to three things in particular: the date of publication, the author of the content, and the owner of the website. This information must be true.

Ensure to provide a secure connection by loading your website through HTTPS and HTTP.

Disclose all of your policies whether you have a privacy policy, terms, and conditions, or any other types of policies related to your business. All of these must be available to read and understand by the users or search engines on your site.

Visual search optimization

Visual search hasn’t fully become an effective factor in SEO yet but considering how things are trending and being part of the search engine’s algorithms, visual search is poised to rise in 2022.

People nowadays are using visual search more than ever before. According to the sources, Google lens has already been used over 1 billion times and Pinterest collects 600 million visual searches per month. Visual search is getting common in America over time.

This search method is too simple and it also works really well. For example, you have a page from a book and you want to know what book that is, you will just take a picture of that page and search in Google lens, within seconds you will get the results you needed.

Google lens identifies over 1 billion objects and this number is growing every day which makes it much more fascinating. People like things that are easy to get, so visual search is being loved by people of every age as it makes finding things too easy for them.

To optimize your site for visual search;

  • You can optimize your site for visual search by adding numerous images for your products.
  • The images you add should be high resolution.
  • You can optimize image titles and descriptions.
  • By optimizing image size and file types.
  • Writing captions.
  • Mobile-friendly sites are superior.

Google ranking tools

Now that you have learned about the factors that impact SEO ranking, you must be concerned about how you can check your SEO rankings? You may use a search engine to find out where your website is ranking on SERPs but only using search engines won’t be a great idea as search engines results are shown specifically for an individual user, based on their location and browsing history.

There are a number of third-party SEO ranking checkers that can give accurate results. You can find one that best suits you, either paid or free tool. Like most other applications or software, the premium SEO ranking tools offer a free version with limitations or a free limited-time trial.

The top SEO ranking tools in the list:

  • Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool. …
  • Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool. …
  • SEMrush: Marketing SEO Tools. …
  • KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool. …
  • Moz Pro: SEO Software.

This is our guide for SEO in 2022 which is going to be highly effective and will surely be helpful for you to get the results.

SEO is not one or two things that we could cover in one or even a few articles like these in fact it is a lot more than this but this guide is your basic SEO which is essential. If you learned these few guidelines right, you will absolutely reach your desired position in SERPs.

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